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Welcome to the website of private translator of the ENGLISH and French languages!

Translator Dmitry Danilin will be glad to provide translation services from English into Russian and from Russian into English for corporate entities and individuals. For French language translation services are provided ONLY from French into Russian.

About me


1983-1988: Former Moris Torez Moscow State Language (Linguistics) University (currently MGLU – Moscow State Linguistics University).

Interpreters’ Department.

Speciality: Interpreter-translator of the English and French languages.

Speciality: Interpreter-translator of the English and French languages

I am engaged into translation services since 1988. I have an interpreting and translation experience in various fields of knowledge such as law, company finances, oil and gas, power-engineering, aircraft industry, machine-building etc. I also provide such services as simultaneous translations at talks, workshops, exhibitions, designer supervision, at press lines, drilling rigs etc.

I deliver quality work, done in good faith and with due observance of confidentiality. An advantage of working with a private interpreter are lower rates compared with corporate translation services providers. My rates start at 250 rubles per page of 1800 characters with spaces.

I shall be glad to welcome You among my clients!